Our Custom Mini-Websites

This is a fantastic option for those who recognise the importance of establishing a branded web presence but want to do so at minimal financial risk. With this website option, you get a custom mini-website with a built-in mini-blog linked to a domain name you own.

This is also a cost-effective traffic-generating option currently being used by some of our clients who already have a main business website that is not performing as well as they would like.

Our Custom Mini-Website package is just one of our branded website options. Compare our website options to ensure that this one is the right fit for your business.

samples of custom mini-websites
Samples of our Custom Mini-Websites

iBeFound-Powered Custom Mini-Websites

Your Custom Mini-Website is powered by our full-featured online advertising platform. It comes with all the features of our Optimum Visibility package (the yearly version). Then we customise it to create your branded mini-website.

To see the difference between an Optimum Visibility Listing (OVL) and a Custom Mini-Website (CMW), follow the links below:

The conversion process from OVL to CMW includes...

  • Theme Customisation: we develop a colour scheme and style that would be best for your business. This includes a background colour or image as appropriate.
  • Website Header Design: we design a custom website header for you.
  • Initial Data Entry: we take the text you provide about your business and re-work it into web-copy format that is easy-to-read, engages your web visitors and paints you as the right choice - the one with the solution they are looking for.
  • Basic On-Site SEO: we optimise your mini-website for relevant keywords to be indexed by Google and other search engines.
  • Domain Linking: we link your preferred domain name to your Custom Mini-Website.

Additional Services

After purchasing the Custom Mini-Website base package, you may want to purchase some additional services so that we can complete the set up of your Custom Mini-Website.

Our additional services for the Custom Mini-Website package include...

  • Domain Registration: we buy AND manage your desired domain name/s on your behalf but you OWN them.
  • Email Hosting: we add a 5GB mailbox for personalised email accounts.
  • Logo Design: we design (or re-design) a logo for you.

A Note on Domains and Emails

Part of the branding process and the value of having your own domain name is the ability to use it to create personalised, professional-looking email addresses. There are a few approaches to consider when setting up your domain-based email addresses.

Approach #1: Domain + Email Forwarding ONLY
The domain name we purchase on your behalf comes with Unlimited Email Forwarding. This means that we can set up forwarders for your domain-based emails such as info@yourdomain.nz for you. Then when someone emails info@yourdomain.nz you will receive it in your gmail.com or xtra.co.nz email account.

PROS: you can continue to use your regular email address for receiving emails.

CONS: when you reply, your gmail.com or xtra.co.nz email will be used and NOT your domain-based one. This is not good for branding.

Approach #2: Domain + Email Hosting ONLY
With this approach, you get a 1GB web-based mailbox (upgrades are available) with which to use your domain-based email addresses.

PROS: when you reply to emails, your domain-based email address is used. This maintains your branding consistency.

CONS: you will need to log into your new webmail account to access emails. Such webmail accounts tend to lack some of the email features you may be used to.

Approach #3: Domain + Email Hosting + Preferred Email Client
With this approach, your preferred email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) is configured to send/receive emails via your domain-based email addresses.

We can provide INSTRUCTIONS on how you can do this, OR for an extra cost, we will configure up to 5 of your domain-based email accounts to be linked with your preferred email client.

PROS: emails are received in your preferred email account (gmail, xtra, etc.) AND your replies show your domain-based email address.

CONS: none really.

I'm Ready to Get My Custom Mini-Website

Awesome! Follow the steps below and we can get started on your mini-website...

STEP #1: Purchase the Custom Mini-Website base package
Remember that the costs for your Custom Mini-Website include the following:

  • Design, Data Entry, and Optimisation (includes GST): $575
  • Managed Web Hosting (includes GST): $299 /year (a 56% savings) OR $57 /month

Please choose your preferred option below and click on it. This will open up a new tab/window with the order page for your Custom Mini-Website.

Fill in the necessary information on the order page and complete your purchase.

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STEP #2: Purchase Your Desired Additional Services

Please contact us to discuss any additional services you wish to have for your Custom Mini-Website.

IMPORTANT: all prices quoted above are in New Zealand Dollars and exclude GST.