Foundational Brand Identifiers

This is an ideal option for those who recognise that branding is an important step towards rising above the commodity trap that too many service professionals and business owners fall into but need a little nudge in the right direction.

Whether you have a long-standing business or are just starting up, this option will provide the means to help you define and construct the brand identifiers that will form the foundation of your branding strategy.

Brand + Brainstorming = Brandstorming

If you're having a hard time defining your brand by coming up with a creative name or a catchy tagline or slogan for your product, service, or company, we can help.

After gathering some relevant information, we will put our brandstorming specialists to work for you. The flow of their creative juices will generate a list of suggestions for you to choose from OR these suggestions may spark some ideas in you that will lead to your perfect choice.

Our Brandstorming Packages

When you purchase one of our Brandstorming packages, you are paying for the creativity and experience of our brandstorming specialists as well as for the time they spend doing any necessary research to come up with their list of suggestions for you.

To ensure a measure of diversity in your final list of suggestions, we always assign at least TWO specialists to each brandstorming project. While we have set minimums for the list of suggestions we deliver to you, there are times when our brandstormers are on a roll and you end up with many more suggestions than you paid for.

Brandstorming Solo = brandstorming for EITHER a name OR a tagline OR a slogan.
Brandstorming Combo = brandstorming for BOTH a name AND a tagline/slogan.

# Brandstormers# Suggestions
Brandstorming Solo #1 ($150):112
Brandstorming Solo #2 ($300):324
Brandstorming Solo #3 ($500):550

Brandstorming Combo #1 ($150):16 | 6
Brandstorming Combo #2 ($300):312 | 12
Brandstorming Combo #2 ($500):525 | 25

Our Logo Design Packages

If you are serious about branding your business and standing out from your competitors, you will need a logo that properly represents it.

Coming up with just the right logo is a collaborative process. During a short but very important discovery period, one of our consultants will discuss with you your ideas, desires, and color options for your logo. Then this information is passed on to our design team for them to create their first drafts.

Depending on the design package you have purchased, you will be provided with a selection of possible designs to choose from. Any requests for revisions will be submitted to your assigned designers and they will make the necessary updates.

After all revisions have been completed, we will hand over the final design and associated rights to you.

# Designers# RevisionsSource Files
Logo Design #1 ($500):1up to 3JPG, PNG
Logo Design #2 ($1500):3up to 10check mark
Logo Design #3 ($2500):5Unlimitedcheck mark

IMPORTANT: all prices quoted above are in New Zealand Dollars and exclude GST.