Cancellation and Refund Policy

Here at iBeFound International Ltd, we aim to provide high quality products and services to all our clients. We make every effort to be transparent about our pricing structure and to educate you on what you get with each service/product you purchase from us.

We encourage you to do your due diligence by having your questions/concerns answered PRIOR to making a purchase. Please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us to do so.

For New Zealand consumers: take a moment to review your rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

By purchasing any of our products or services you acknowledge that you have read and you agree with our Cancellation and Refund Policy as described below.

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy is divided into 4 sections:

  • Non-Cancellable and Non-Refundable
  • Non-Cancellable but Refundable
  • Cancellable but Non-Refundable
  • Cancellable and Refundable

Non-Cancellable and Non-Refundable

There are some services that, due to their nature, cannot be cancelled once started and are not eligible for refunds. These include, but are NOT limited to, the following...

Account Creation / Set up / Installation Fees:
Fees paid for creating an account, setting it up or installing software are non-refundable whether or not you chose to use the account or software thereafter.

Brandstorming Services:
Your purchase entitles you to a list of suggestions developed by 2 or more of our branding specialists. Whether or not you choose to use any of the suggestions is entirely up to you and does NOT entitle you to any refund.

Domain Registration:
You are free to purchase your domain names from your preferred domain registrar, or you can chose to have us purchase domain names on your behalf. Once iBeFound purchases domain name/s for you, the transaction is final. Domain names are generally NON-REFUNDABLE. If you decide that you no longer want your domain name/s, you are free to resell it/them or to let it/them expire through non-renewal.

NOTE: there is a 5-day grace period for newly purchased or renewed .NZ domain names. If we are able to get your written cancellation request to the domain registrar within this time-frame it may be possible to get the domain registration cancelled and have a refund issued.

Non-Cancellable but Refundable

With some services, it is NOT possible to cancel them once started, but a partial refund may be available if you do not wish to move forward beyond the initial phase. These include, but are NOT limited to, the following...

Graphic Design Services:
In most cases, you will receive an initial draft of your design/s and have an opportunity to make a request for revisions per your purchased package. If you accept one of the initial drafts OR make a revision request, then you are NOT entitled to any refund.

If, in the rare instance, you are completely dissatisfied with ALL of the first draft designs, and no longer wish to work with us, you are entitled to a refund of no more than 50% of your purchase price minus GST.

Website Design Services:

Within a day or two of receiving payment for the creation of your website, we assign it to a designer and that person begins work on the set up phase and an initial design draft based on the initial information provided by the client. If, BEFORE we show you the initial design draft, you no longer wish to use our services, you may be entitled to a refund of no more than 75% of your purchase price minus GST. The amount of refund, if any, would depend on how much work has been done on the project up to that point including time spent in discussions with the client about the project. Please refer to the section below if the project is beyond 60 days.

Cancellable but Non-Refundable

These include, but are NOT limited to, the following...

Client-Delayed Website Design Projects:
Particularly in the case of website design projects, the timely completion relies heavily on the client providing requested information and website content in a timely manner. We make every effort to assist our clients in gathering the necessary data for their website. If a client causes a website project to be delayed beyond 60 days by not providing necessary content and/or feedback, he/she forfeits any right to a refund.

Recurring Payments:
For our services that have a monthly or yearly fee, you can cancel at anytime. However, we do not offer any partial refunds. Rather your recurring payment will be stopped and no future payments will be debited. Your service will be terminated at the end of its current billing cycle.

EXCEPTION: if, for whatever reason, we terminate your agreement early and you are not in violation of any of our terms of service, you will receive a prorated reimbursement for the portion of the billing cycle remaining.

NOTE: Depending on the type of service, you may be able to cancel your automatic recurring payments inside your account. In other cases, you will need to notify us in writing (ex. via email) at least 7 days PRIOR to your next billing cycle so that we can promptly cancel the recurring charges.

Cancellable and Refundable

There are a few services which when cancelled within a given time-frame entitles you to a FULL refund. These include, but are NOT limited to, the following...

Web Hosting:
For our self-hosted website options, web hosting must be bought separately from a third-party supplier. We encourage you to research web hosts and purchase web hosting yourself, or you can chose to have us purchase web hosting and manage it on your behalf.

We usually purchase a year's worth of hosting for you through one of our web hosting partners. If you make a written request for us to cancel your web hosting services within the first 30 days from purchase, it is generally possible to receive a full refund. Cancellations after 30 days may be entitled to a prorated refund for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Then there are some services which can be cancelled within a given time-frame but which only entitles you to a PARTIAL refund. These include, but are NOT limited to, the following...

Website Creation:

The Website Creation Process begins when we start the Initial Design Phase of your website and ends the day we launch your website. At each phase of the website creation process, one or more persons are working on your website. As such, the amount of refund available if you no longer wish to work with us (or if we no longer wish to work with you) once the process has begun, is dependant on how far along the project has progressed:

- start of initial design phase up to BEFORE showing initial design draft to client = refund of no more than 75% of purchase price minus GST.

- after showing initial design draft to client up to the day of website launch = refund of no more than 50% of purchase price minus GST.

- after website launch = NO refund.

A Note on Chargeback Fraud

Basically, a chargeback is the reversal of a financial transaction where money is returned to the customer's bank or credit card account. When a customer disputes a transaction, their bank will begin an investigation to determine the validity of the dispute. If the bank finds in favour of the customer, then the chargeback will initiated and the customer will get their money back.

Chargeback Fraud or Cyber Shoplifting happens when a consumer actually made the purchase but later claims the transaction was not authorized or that they did not receive the product/service. In such instances, we are fully within our rights to seek legal recourse against such perpetrators.

When you pay for any of our products or services online, you will be required to acknowledge your authorization of the transaction and our policies BEFORE being taken to the payment page. Upon completion of the transaction, a receipt detailing your purchase will be emailed to you. In most cases, your payments to us will show up as "IBEFOUND INT" on your bank account or statements.