Referral Appreciation Program Details

We Help Them and YOU Get Rewarded!

We want to help more service professionals and small to mid-sized business owners establish a branded web presence that works 24/7 to promote their business and increase their revenue.

Who do YOU know with a business...

YOU can be their HERO by letting us help them out.

What's In It For Me?

For each referral* you send that results in a NEW client for our business, we will send you a $30 gift card of your choice to be redeemed at participating businesses as listed on...

What's the Easiest Way to Qualify?

While we offer a number of web consulting services, the simplest way to take advantage of our Referral Appreciation Program is to use our online multi-industry advertising platform.

Our OPTIMUM Visibility package is priced at $199 / year and provides business owners and professionals a wide range of features to showcase their business online.

So, Business Owners Get PAID to Advertise with iBeFound?


If a business owner signs up for our OPTIMUM Visibility package and then sends ONE referral* per month to us, in 7 months they would have received $210 in gift cards of their choice. This is more than they spent on a year's worth of advertising with us.

The following table highlights the earnings potential for sending referrals* to us...

# Referrals
per Month
Break Even
Time Frame
Card Value
Earned Monthly
Card Value
Earned Yearly
1 7 months $30 $360
2 4 months $60 $720
5 2 months $150 $1800
10 < one month $300 $3600

Sounds Interesting! How Does It Work?

Basically, the referral* needs to make their minimum purchase and we need to know who referred them so that we can reward them both. There are a variety of ways that this can be done.

METHOD #1 - Referrer Sends Customized Page to Referrals:
[Our PREFERRED method! It is easy to use, time-saving, shareable via social media, and allows YOU to keep track of your referrals and rewards.]

  1. YOU go to our Referrer Signup Page. [Currently be REVISED - new link coming soon.]
  2. YOU enter you name and email address.
  3. YOU choose how you want to share - via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
  4. YOU will receive an email with your Referral Page for keeping track of your progress towards your rewards.
  5. Your REFERRAL gets your message and decides to take us up on our offer.
  6. We update YOUR Referral Page to keep you informed as we follow up with your referral.
  7. Your REFERRAL makes their minimum purchase of $199.
  8. We contact YOU to get your gift card choice.
  9. We send you your chosen gift card.

METHOD #2 - Referrer Gives Coupon to Referral:

  1. YOU print a copy of our Referral Appreciation Coupon Sheet.
  2. YOU fill in your contact details in the REFERRED By section.
  3. YOU give the filled in coupon to those you believe would be interested.
  4. Your REFERRAL makes their minimum purchase of $199.
  5. Your REFERRAL completes the REFERRAL Contact Details section.
  6. Your REFERRAL scans and emails the coupon to .
  7. We VERIFY the information to ensure the referral is genuine.
  8. We contact YOU to get your gift card choice.
  9. We send you your chosen gift card.

METHOD #3 - Referrer Sends Coupon Sheet to iBeFound:

  1. YOU print a copy of our Referral Appreciation Coupon Sheet.
  2. YOU fill in your contact details in the REFERRED By section of each coupon.
  3. YOU add the CONTACT DETAILS of those you believe would be interested.
  4. YOU scan and email the completed coupon sheet to .
  5. We follow up with your SUGGESTED referrals on your behalf.
  6. IF interested, your REFERRAL makes their minimum purchase of $199.
  7. We contact YOU to get your gift card choice.
  8. We send you your chosen gift card.

When Do I Get My Gift Card(s)?

Gift cards are usually shipped out within 2 - 4 weeks from the time that the referral* has completed their minimum spend of $199.

Is This Program Limited to Businesses in New Zealand?

Not at all!

While we are a fully owned and operated New Zealand-based company, our services are border-free. It is our aim to level the advertising playing field for professional service providers to be easily found anywhere they are needed around the globe. Our online advertising platform is built with this goal in mind.

Can This Program be Used as a Fundraising Venture?

Absolutely! We actually have an enhanced version of our program as a passive but lucrative fundraising option for organisations (i.e. schools, not-for-profits, etc.) that rely in whole or in part on financial support from external sources.

In addition to $30 per referral*, the fundraising organisation receives 5% of total revenue generated from its referrals in any given month.

PLUS, every six months, an additional 6% of total referral-based revenue is distributed to the neediest schools in the region. For full details and instructions on how your organisation can get started with its fundraising efforts, please contact us.

What If Someone Tries to Take Malicious Advantage of the Program?

We want to show our appreciation and reward those who send us GENUINE referrals*. We have measures in place to deter and minimize misuse and/or abuse of our program.

IMPORTANT: all prices quoted above are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

* referral must be a NEW client and must spend a minimum of $199 (in one purchase).

DISCLAIMER: iBeFound International Ltd reserves the right to change the procedure and/or rules of this Referral Appreciation Program or to discontinue the program altogether without prior notice.