Our Story

In the process of preparing to launch another business venture, our co-founders stumbled upon a need that they knew they could fill. Out of that discovery, iBeFound was born.

Before we delve into those details, we should probably introduce you to the masterminds behind iBeFound International Ltd - Alla Kiroshka and Dahlian RyLee Lamy.

Alla and Dahlian first connected through Facebook in early 2013 because of similar interests in entrepreneurship and internet marketing.

About Alla

Alla (aka Dr Alla), a trained Facial Reconstructive surgeon, has had experience in starting and running a variety of successful offline businesses. These included

  • Argo, the first privately owned clinic in Moldova in the late 1980's.
  • Alladiks Tours, a specialized tour company in the early 1990's that focused on connecting Russian businesses with potential partners in South Africa. Alladiks Tours was the very first tour company in South Africa that cornered the Russian market.
  • FruFresh Marketing, a multi-million dollar fruit export company in the mid-1990's. At that time, FruFresh Marketing was one of the first independently-owned fruit export companies in South Africa, the very first independent fruit exporter to Russia and the only female-owned company in a male-dominated market.
  • Luxor Marketing, a personal property development company specializing in high-end residential properties in early 2000's.
  • Dr Alla's MediMushrooms, a line of dietary supplements developed from a carefully chosen selection of medicinal mushrooms.

    After years of personal use, and on the advice of family and friends who had been benefitting from her recommendations, Alla decided to go commercial by starting her own line of mushroom-based supplements around 2004 while still living in South Africa.

    On moving to New Zealand in 2007, the Organic Health Centre was established in Christchurch as a base for health consultations and distribution of Dr. Alla's Medimushrooms.

Due to the unfortunate and devastating earthquakes that rocked Christchurch in 2010/2011, the Organic Health Centre was completely destroyed.

This struck a huge financial blow to Alla and presented a tremendous setback, but being ever resilient, Alla moved her operations online and began to rebuild her business.

This required learning a whole new set of marketing skills. So, Alla turned to the world of internet marketing.

About Dahlian (aka Dale)

Dale comes from quite a different background, holding a Masters in Mathematics and a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering Technology. Dale has spent the better part of his life in the world of academia, getting paid to teach Mathematics from as early as 13 years old.

He started his teaching career in the secondary arena in the late 1990's while still living in his Caribbean homeland. During this time, Dale applied his skills of research and compilation to self-publishing a Physics handbook that met with some limited success. He has a long-held desire to write a series of Mathematics textbooks.

However, life had other things in store for Dale. In 2000 he moved to the United States to further his education, eventually landing an instructorship at a prestigious university in New Jersey. It was here that he revisited the idea of writing one or more texts on Mathematics, and he began to immerse himself in research and writing. Unfortunately, life's distractions steered him away from completing this project for which he had already written over 100 pages.

Like Alla, Dale is an entrepreneur at heart and he has long dreamed of having his own business, but unlike Alla, he had not mustered the courage to fully follow this part of his heart. Nevertheless, he kept his entrepreneurship flame alive by researching and learning about various aspects of marketing, self employment, and business building.

Taking advantage of the wealth of information available on the internet, Dale taught himself web programming, and used his knowledge to build websites for himself and others on a part-time basis. At one point, in the mid-2000's, he was on the verge of starting a web design company but his partner backed out causing that venture to be put indefinitely on hold.

After a change of circumstances in 2012 forced him to reassess his dreams, goals, and aspirations, Dale made a conscious decision to actively pursue his desire of having his own business. So, he began by turning to the worldwide web to learn about internet marketing and the various business ventures available to him.

The knowledge he gained has been used in the creation of mini-sites, online salespages, ebooks, reports and white papers. Dale's ability to explain various topics in an easy-to-understand matter quickly caught the attention of others who actively sought him out. And this is how the paths of Alla and Dale crossed.

The Merger

In the course of pursuing a common internet venture, Alla came knocking on Dale's Facebook 'door' seeking some advice. Very quickly, friendship blossomed between them. They exchanged ideas and shared their knowledge with each other. In time, they began to discuss the possibility of forming a complete merger.

In late 2013, Dale resigned from his prestigious teaching position and moved to New Zealand to start a new life with Alla. One of the first business tasks that Dale took on was to revamp Alla's MediMushrooms website on the front and back ends.

Once that was completed, they turned their attention to another business venture they had been looking into - a marketing consultancy business geared towards helping offline businesses set up their sales funnel in an effective manner so as to achieve maximum returns.

While doing some market research using the various popular online directories available to New Zealanders, Alla and Dale made some observations and comparisons that led them to believe that the true needs of the business owners were not being adequately met.

Yes, the owners were getting a listing for their businesses, but oftentimes these listings were drowning in a sea of third-party ads or they were miscategorised or the costs to be properly listed far outweighed the promised value.

That got Alla and Dale thinking, and here's what they had to say...

"We envision something better... something more!

We want to provide a place where owners get much more than a business listing.

A place where we could give them "not a fish for a day" but where we could teach them "to fish for a lifetime".

A place where we could use our shared knowledge and expertise to demystify the process of successfully adding that much-needed online component to an offline business.

We want to provide a place where business owners could build connections, grow in confidence, and take control in the business marketing arena."

That place is iBeFound.com!