Our Referral Appreciation Program

Thank you for your interest in our Referral Appreciation Program! More details below, but first...

IMAGINE this...

You're having a conversation with a friend who owns a local business. They have a great product or service, and they know that if they could just get more people aware of it, the demand for it would greatly increase.

They are looking to increase exposure to their business in a way that is neither time-consuming nor eats away at their income or savings.

What if... YOU knew of company that could help your friend's business and you recommended it to your friend.

Imagine how GOOD you would FEEL if your friend's business began to flourish because of YOUR recommendation! You would be their hero - the one who helped them or saved them.

Imagine how GRATEFUL your friend would be to you.

Imagine how HIGHLY regarded you will be by your friend and their friends.

The Beauty of Referral Marketing

Statistics confirm what you already know... word-of-mouth (referral) marketing is hands down the best form of advertising for any business.

Because we believe in our business and because we understand the profoundly positive impact we can have on the lives and businesses of our clients, we feel compelled to put a big chunk of our marketing dollars towards paying YOU and others like you who refer our services to those dear to you.

Here's a sample of our Referral Coupon...

iBeFound Referral Appreciation Program Coupon

Learn how our RAP works and let us reward YOU for being a HERO to your friends and associates!

DISCLAIMER: iBeFound International Ltd reserves the right to change the rules of this Referral Appreciation Program or to discontinue the program altogether without prior notice.