Online Brand Identifiers

This is a must-have option for those who recognise the value of having a cohesive digital brand identity. It is becoming more and more difficult to deny the reality that the world is moving online. Business owners and service professionals must embrace this transition if they are to compete successfully in their respective marketplaces.

Having a cohesive brand identity and extending that cohesion into the digital marketplace will make it that much easier for your brand to be recognised and remembered by current and potential clients/customers. This is a vital step towards increased marketshare and improved revenue.

We offer a variety of packages to help you maintain your brand consistency by developing your digital brand identifiers - your email signature, your website header, and your social media covers.

Email Signature and Business Branding

No doubt, emailing is a big (if not a vital) part of your business dealings, but are you taking full advantage of its branding capabilities? Hopefully your business has graduated to having its own domain name and you've set up domain-based email address/es for your business (if not, we can help with that too). This is one of the first steps in your digital branding efforts.

Another simple but powerful step is using a well-crafted email signature - the online equivalent of your business card. Just as your business card is an essential part of your marketing strategy so too is your email signature. Unfortunately, too many people undervalue the importance and impact of having/using a well-designed email signature.

A well-designed and properly used email signature can...

  • express your openness to communicating
  • convey your professionalism
  • build your brand awareness
  • act as your sales agent

Here are some examples of email signatures:

Anyone can create a text-only signature that contains basic contact information. However, if you want to add images and special formatting so as to better match your brand, you will need to know some web programming (HTML and CSS) OR use a software that generates email signatures OR get a designer/coder to create your email signature for you.

IMPORTANT: do NOT use an image for your entire email signature. All too often, images are blocked or filtered out by the email programs - not good for business. If you do use images, make sure that they are externally hosted. Otherwise some email programs will see them as attachments.

Another important consideration when working with email signatures that are NOT text-only is the fact that there is a wide variation in the email programs, web browsers, and computing devices in use today. As such, an email signature that looks great in a PC may not look the same way on a MAC or on a smartphone. What you see in gMail may not be what your recipient sees in Outlook or Thunderbird.

Our Email Signature Design Packages

When you purchase our Email Signature Design Packages, one of our designers will use your contact details (up to 2 images) to create a first draft of your email signature. You will get an opportunity to request up to 3 revisions if needed.

Then you will receive the final version in HTML format plus installation instructions for each of the major email clients (gMail, iPhone, iPad, Thunderbird, Outlook). If needed, we can install your email signature and test it for an additional cost.

Business owners already see the value of maintaining brand consistency by having a common business card design for all members of staff. The same attention should be given to the email signatures being used throughout your company. Our 5-Pack option provides 5 email signatures where the overall design is maintained while the contact details and links are personalised.

HTML e-Sig + Instructions:TBDTBD
We Do the Installation:TBD per installation
We Create Custom Icons:TBD

Our Website Header Design Packages

The header is one of the first things that your web visitors will see and it is that part of your website that is usually consistent from page to page. Website headers come in many shapes and sizes. They can be short or tall; static or animated.

Here are some examples of website headers:

Whether you're creating a new website or just freshening up the current look, we can design a website header that works for you. Check out our packages below.

Depending on the design package you have purchased, you will be provided with a selection of possible designs to choose from. Any requests for revisions will be submitted to your assigned designer/s for the necessary updates to be made.

After all revisions have been completed, we will hand over the final design and associated rights to you. If you are using one of our web design options, we will install the header on your website for you.

# Designers# RevisionsSource Files
Website Header #1 ($150):13-
Website Header #2 ($300):33check mark
Website Header #3 ($750):5Unlimitedcheck mark

Our Social Media Customisation Packages

When building a cohesive digital brand identity, you must also give attention to your accounts on the social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

Most social media networks allow you to personalise your account with a profile picture and a cover photo. Some may also allow you to add a background image as well. Unfortunately, each social network has its preferred set of dimensions for these images. So, using the same image on each network will result in some of them looking distorted.

This is where we come in. Based on your input and using your brand's visual identity (colour scheme, logo, website header, etc.), our designers will create your chosen social media images. As with our other design options, you'll be given a chance to review the initial drafts and request any needed revisions.

Then, once all revisions have been completed, we will hand over the final design/s and associated rights to you.

We specialise in designs for the popular social networks that work well for businesses. These include

  • Facebook: best for sharing content that encourages interaction.
  • Google+: best for sharing learning opportunities.
  • LinkedIn: best for professional networking.
  • Twitter: best for sharing quick updates, thoughts and reactions.
  • YouTube: best for sharing videos.

Social Media Design:$300$500

I'm Ready for My Digital Brand Identifiers

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