Why Choose Us

iBeFound International Ltd was born in answer to the cries of business owners just like YOU who are fed up with the imbalance between excessive cost and insufficient value that is rampant in our industry.

No longer could we stand by and watch you being taken to the cleaners rather than getting the results you thought you were paying for.

No longer could we listen to example after example of hard-working folks like yourself being stalked by aggressive sales agents and falling victim to their false promises and do nothing about it.

No more! We had to step up and put an end to this nonsense.

As a business owner yourself, you understand that there is a cost in providing products and services to others, but unlike some of our competitors, we are here to alleviate your 'empty wallet syndrome' not to cause it.

iBeFound is here to give you...

  • the platform to build the connections your business needs,
  • the training to grow your confidence in marketing it, and
  • the knowledge to put YOU back in control of your success.

What Makes Us Different?

Today's business owners have many online advertising platforms (including directories) to choose from. There are business directories of varying size and focus. So, then, why choose to become a member of iBeFound's Multi-Industry online advertising community?

First and foremost, iBeFound International Ltd is primarily a marketing consultancy company specializing in online marketing. Providing this advertising platform for you to add your business profile is just ONE piece of a much bigger plan to get your business the exposure and traffic it needs for you to be successful.

In the words of our vision statement, we aim to "level the advertising playing field for professional service providers [like you] to be easily found anywhere they are needed around the globe".

Here are some things to consider that, taken as a whole, set us apart from our competitors.

iBeFound's Multi-Industry Online Advertising Platform is...

We provide a free membership level for those satisfied with basic online visibility. For those seeking more, our paid options are resonably priced and offer much more bang for your advertising buck with the ability to have an unlimited number of photos, videos, coupons, and other such goodies incorporated into your profile.

In addition, there are NO long-term contracts. Members can upgrade or downgrade their membership level at any time. Please see our FAQ for further details.

To fulfil our desire to help our clients grow their business while growing as marketers, we provide an increasing array of tools and training. Some of these are accessible to all site visitors while others are available only to our paying members.

On top of this, our social media properties (see links in the footer) have been established to showcase our members and to provide further additional training using a variety of forums including videos, slideshows, and infographics.

It is our mission to provide professional service providers with "the means for them to build connections, grow in confidence, and take control in the business marketing arena".

Our platform is both visually-appealing and full of features (from photo albums to videos to product showcasing) that enhance the presentation of your business profile to your potential customers.

It is our vision to level the advertising playing field for professional service providers to be easily found anywhere they are needed around the globe. To this end, we will continue to find ways to demystify the world of marketing, especially internet marketing, for our members. As we do so, we will make this information available via our Learning Center.

We encourage interactions between our service providers and their customers, and make it easy for them to do so. This is accomplished through a variety of ways on each profile page including a contact form, rating and reviews section, social media links, embedded twitter feed, and more.

Quality customer service is of utmost importance to us. We understand that many business owners have been badly burned in their dealings with other directories and marketing companies, and we aim to learn from those failings so that we can provide our clients with top-notch products and services.

Rest assured that we monitor our various communication channels and we will respond to your concerns within 24 - 48 hours.

Realistically Managed:
We do NOT make grandiose promises that we cannot fulfil!

Uniquely Multi-Niched:
Most directories (online or offline) tend to be very broad (listing every type of industry) or very narrow (focusing on just one niche).

There are pros and cons to listing in either of these types of directories from being lost in the search results to being in an infrequently visited directory.

By having your listing in the Multi-Industry directory component of iBeFound's online advertising platform, the likelihood of your business being found is greatly increased.

Our advertising platform is built to make it easy for all users (service seekers and service providers alike) to navigate the site. It is not over-ridden with 3rd-party advertisements that overshadow your business profile.

How Do We Stack Up Against the Competiton?

See for yourself. For your convenience, we visited the websites of some competitors and compiled the following tables so that you can make an informed decision.

NOTE: The phrase Not Disclosed means that the information was not readily available in the description of the listings on that company’s website. Such information could be obtained by contacting the company. However, we at iBeFound believe that this sort of secrecy and lack of transparency is unwarranted and unnecessary in today’s information age.

COMPARISON: Lowest Priced Paid ONLINE Directory Listing

COMPARISON: Highest Priced Paid ONLINE Directory Listing

If these are important to you, then...

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