Professional Service Provider Rai Valley Area School in Rai Valley Marlborough

Rai Valley Area School

Composite School (Year 1-13)
Rai Valley, Marlborough 7194
(03) 571 6016


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Name Rai Valley Area School
Type Composite School (Year 1-13)
Contact's Name Angela Sloane
Position Principal
Online Profiles
Main Phone No. (03) 571 6016
6700 Main Rd
Rai Valley, Marlborough 7194
New Zealand
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About Rai Valley Area School

Rai Valley is a small rural community situated 50kms from Nelson and 70kms from Blenheim and provides the community with a range of educational opportunities from Pre School to Adult Education classes.

The school caters for students from Years 1-13 in modern and exciting classrooms and facilities. This includes a Technology suite, a computer suite, a school and community library and school hall.

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