Professional Service Provider Havelock School in Havelock Marlborough

Havelock School

Full Primary School (Year 1-8)
Havelock, Marlborough 7100
03-574 2106


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Name Havelock School
Type Full Primary School (Year 1-8)
Contact's Name Ernie Buutveld
Position Principal
Online Profiles
Main Phone No. 03-574 2106
47 Main Rd
Havelock, Marlborough 7100
New Zealand
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About Havelock School

Havelock School is a co-educational state school that offers full primary education for students from Yr 1 to Yr 8 within the terms of The New Zealand Curriculum.

Staffing comprises a principal with a small teaching component, two permanent full-time teachers, one permanent part-time teacher, executive officer/secretary, small part-time reading recovery position and part-time teacher-aide special needs positions.

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