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Custom Business Website Design | Direct-Response Website Creation | Website Builder | Online Advertising Network
Renwick, Marlborough 7204
022 187-6102 [within New Zealand]

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Name iBeFound Web Design Services
Type Custom Business Website Design | Direct-Response Website Creation | Website Builder | Online Advertising Network
Contact's Name Dale Lamy
Online Profiles
Main Phone No. 022 187-6102 [within New Zealand]
Other Phone No. +64 22 187-6102 [from outside New Zealand]
31 Alma Street
Renwick, Marlborough 7204
New Zealand
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About iBeFound Web Design Services

Are YOU One of the Many Business Owners Asking Themselves These Questions:
Should my business have a website?
What do I need to build a website?

The short but interesting video below provides some answers...

Now, as explained in the above video, there are 3 basic ingredients to building a website:
  1. domain name (or web address),
  2. web host (place for the website files),
  3. your content (text, images, videos, etc.)

Depending on your level of technical skill and how much free time you have on your hands, you could gather these ingredients and build your website yourself!

In fact, even if you have ZERO technical skills but you were willing to spend the time to learn, you could go to YouTube and find thousands of videos that would teach you how to build a business website.

Here are a couple good examples if you're a DIYer (do-it-yourselfer):

But consider this for a moment...
Does the fact that you COULD
build your website yourself
mean that you SHOULD?

If you're in the service industry, think about YOUR business for a moment...
  • are you a tradesperson (electrician, plumber, roofer, etc.)?
  • or are you a medical professional (chiropractor, dentist, nutritionist, etc.)
  • or are you perhaps in a business-related industry (accountant, lawyer, etc.)

Now think about the average individual, and ask yourself this question...
...does the fact that a person COULD
do what YOU do
mean that they SHOULD?

For example...
  • does the fact that a layperson could represent himself in court mean that he should?
  • should a non-electrician take on the task of wiring their home?
  • should someone who is not a dentist perform a root canal?

The reality is that each of us can learn to do almost anything, especially more so now with the availability of information on the Internet.

But, a couple YouTube videos will NOT make you an expert in anything.

There are REASONS why people turn to EXPERTS:
  • they have spent countless hours learning and applying what they learn.
  • they understand the ins and outs of their chosen field.
  • they know what works and what doesn't.

Are you a website design AND digital marketing expert?

You see, there is MUCH more to website success than having a pretty-looking website...
  • What good is a website to your business if no one visits it?
  • What good is it if it does not improve your business and your life?
How Many YouTube Videos Would YOU Have to Watch
How Many Articles Would YOU Have to Read
to be Able to Build a Website that Fulfills its Purpose?

Unless you TRULY have a desire to learn to design websites, why not let us do what we do best?
We Can Help You Get Your Business Online ...FAST!

We offer a variety of website design options to cater to differences in size, goals, and budget of the businesses with which we work.

With our most POPULAR website option, you could have a customized, branded web presence in as little as 7 - 10 business days.

This website option is built on our powerful online advertising platform and comes with a host of features to make it EASY for you to promote your business online.

It takes the BEST of many of the platforms that you're already familiar with and combines them into one awesome super-charged web marketing platform...
  • the SPEED of creation of Wix or Weebly MINUS the SEO issues,
  • the PREMIUM look of a custom design MINUS the exorbitant price tag,
  • the EASE of use of Facebook or Google+ MINUS the ever-disappearing posts,
  • the POWER of authority of directories like Yellow and Finda MINUS the lack of customer service,
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Since we launched this website option about a year ago, we've met with numerous business owners who have shared with us some of their experiences in dealing with other companies that offer websites.

Perhaps YOU (or someone you know) can relate to their FRUSTRATION of...
  • being unable to make simple changes to their websites themselves,
  • feeling that their website is nothing more than an expensive online paperweight,
  • finding they cannot get hold of the person responsible for maintaining their website,
  • having to pay again and again any time they want to update the information on their website.
REST ASSURED you will NEVER have those issues with us!

Rather, our SUCCESS STORIES are piling up...
  • Like the motel that got an online booking just 3 days after going live.
  • Like the gourmet foodstore that now outranks its competitors for the keyword deli.
  • Like the printing company that got 2 big orders within two days of their site going live.
  • Like the gift basket retailer that started getting orders from overseas buyers via their site.
  • Like the independent consultant whose site outranks the company's website for many keywords.

Friend, the fact that you've read this far shows your desire to take your business to the next level, and your interest in seeing how we can help you do just that.

The following video is a case-study highlighting the quick and dramatic impact on local search visibility that one of our website options has provided to a recent client...

Are YOU Ready
to Take Your Business to the Next Level
and to Write Your Success Story?
Then Act NOW!

Head on over to the Web Design Services section of our main website.

There you'll get answers to questions like...
  • why you should NOT put all your business eggs in the Facebook basket...
  • why a static, brochure-style website is NOT enough in today's marketplace...
  • how choosing the right CMS can future-proof your website...

Get your customized, branded web presence on our powerful advertising platform NOW.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation today!

Use the contact form in the sidebar on the right to send a message with the following information...
Your Name:
Business Name:
Phone Number:
Best Day & Time to Call:
Consultation Access Code: DRW-1505

*** WARNING ***
In order to give each of our consulting clients the very best service,
we have to limit the number of new clients we take on each week.
So, if you’re serious, get in touch with us ASAP!

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