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Linda Fraser

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant | Makeup & Skincare Consultant
Christchurch, Canterbury
03 337 0698


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Type Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant | Makeup & Skincare Consultant
Contact's Name Linda Fraser
Position Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director
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Main Phone No. 03 337 0698
Other Phone No. 027 414 7580
Christchurch, Canterbury
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About Linda Fraser

Have You Ever Been Taught to Apply Makeup Properly?
Do You Employ the 'Hit and Miss' Approach to
Purchasing Skin Care Products and Colour Cosmetics?
Do You Wear the Same Makeup You Did Years Ago?
Not Keen on Being on 'Public Display' When Having a Makeover?

You are NOT alone! Many women around the world have dealt with, or are dealing with, these very same issues.

But What If YOU Had the Opportunity to...
  • turn things around
  • try world class beauty products before buying
  • attend a FREE interactive makeup lesson with a beauty expert
  • finally overcome your skincare challenges and let YOUR beauty shine
Would YOU Take It?

This is the opportunity I wish to offer you today.

With over 17 years of makeup and skincare experience as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I have helped hundreds of women develop a skincare regimen that's right for them.
I Can Co the Same for YOU!

I have an absolute passion for make-up and love teaching make-up application techniques. I teach the 'make-up challenged' and the 'make-up diva' and everyone in-between.

I will help YOU address YOUR unique concerns and together we will develop a skin care routine designed to suit YOUR skin type and life style using Mary Kay Cosmetics. This can be done in the privacy of my studio.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Book YOUR Makeover or FREE Makeup Consultation Today!

Mary Kay Satisfaction Guarantee:
Mary Kay stands behind its products sold by Independent Beauty Consultants with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Mary Kay® product, it will be replaced without charge, exchanged or the full purchase price refunded within 90 days of being returned to your authorised Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. If she is no longer active, it can be returned to the Company with proof of purchase.