Professional Service Provider Ruth Gill in Blenheim Marlborough

Ruth Gill

Residential Rental Property Management
Blenheim Property Manager at Summit Property Management Ltd
Blenheim, Marlborough 7201
03 578 0404

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Good Tenants in the Right Rental Home = Rent Paid On Time, Property Respected, Satisfied Owners & Tenants.

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Name Summit Property Management Ltd
Type Residential Rental Property Management
Logo Summit Property Management Ltd Business Logo by Ruth Gill in Blenheim Marlborough
Contact's Name Ruth Gill
Position Blenheim Property Manager
Online Profiles
Main Phone No. 03 578 0404
Other Phone No. 027 246 0633
30 Alfred Street
Blenheim, Marlborough 7201
New Zealand
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About Ruth Gill

Do You Own Property in the Marlborough Region?
Are You Thinking of Renting Out Your Property?
Have You Considered Hiring a Property Manager?

The following video offers a comparison between managing your rental property yourself and enlisting the services of a professional property manager like ME to help you out...

Why You SHOULD Consider Hiring a Property Manager
YOU want the BENEFITS of being a landlord without the hassles
YOU want the REWARDS of earning rental income without the headaches
YOU want the PRESTIGE of being a property investor without the drawbacks

What You Should Look for in a Property Manager
  • someone you can rely on
  • someone you can put your trust in
  • someone who will look after your interests
  • someone knowledgeable about tenancy law
  • someone with time-tested management experience
  • someone who is part of a team at a solid management company

The Many Jobs of a QUALITY Property Manager
To properly perform my duties as your property manager I have to wear many hats.

So, when you hire me, you get all the following professionals rolled into one:
  • a real estate agent - to handle property viewings with potential tenants
  • a market researcher - to ensure you get top market value for your rentals
  • an aggressive advertiser - to minimise periods of vacancy for your property
  • a bookkeeper - to keep accurate records and provide regular progress reports
  • a postal agent - to regularly collect any mail from unoccupied rental properties
  • a skilled negotiator - to get the best rates for skilled maintenance professionals
  • a project manager - to arrange and oversee any pre-approved property maintenance
  • a trusted consultant - to provide advice and guidance on investment property matters
  • a collection agent - to collect rent and to promptly follow up on any missed payments
  • a property inspector - to do routine inspections (1 month after move-in, then every 3 months)
  • a background investigator - to find quality clients through a comprehensive screening process
  • a legal representative - to act on your behalf in any tenancy tribunal mediations and court hearings

What Else Qualifies ME to be Your Rental Property Manager
  • over 5 years experience in residential property management
  • member of the largest and most experienced property management team in the Marlborough region

What Reliefs You Will Experience with Me as Your Property Manager
Here are just some of the tasks I will take off your hands when you hire me to manage your rental property:
  • being your tenants’ first line of contact even on weekend or public holidays
  • dealing with emergency maintenance issues like a plumbing leak
  • arranging annual maintenance such as chimney cleaning
  • scheduling end of tenancy cleanings as needed
  • terminating tenancies if needed
  • sorting out tenant-related dramas
  • arranging bond refunds or withholdings
  • sending out arrear notices as soon as rent is missed
  • following up via phone calls and in person to collect any rental arrears

What I Will be Doing to Help You Have a Worry-Free Landlording Experience
  • communicating regularly with you
  • sending your payments to you twice a month
  • sending you monthly rental statements plus an end-of-year summary
  • providing you with electronic statements, reporting and access to online reports
  • giving you a detailed report on property condition when each tenancy commences

Professional Background

Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm